IRS Collection Notice

You may need help with the IRS if you received an IRS collection notice. If you owe back tax debt to the IRS, you will receive letters with “number codes” on the upper right hand side of the letter.

Those “number codes are very important as each IRS collection code signifies a certain step in the IRS collection cycle of your back tax debt.

Each IRS collection notice is a warning to you as to the next step that the Internal Revenue Service is going to take with respect to the collection of your back taxes. Here are some of the codes and what they mean:

531 T Notice of Deficiency

You will likely receive this IRS collection notice after an IRS audit is finished. You have 90 days to go to Tax Court or you can hire a tax attorney to negotiate a possible tax settlement with the Internal Revenue Service.

​4549 Income Tax Examination Changes

If after your tax audit, you owe back tax debt to the IRS, form 4549 will show what deductions or other items the IRS did not allow on your income tax return.

The IRS will also include what penalties and interest you owe based upon the changes. At this point, either you or your tax lawyer has 30 days to respond to the income tax examination changes.

​3254 Examination Appointment

Unfortunately, you are being audited by the IRS. Audits are often caused by certain deductions that are “red flagged” by the IRS.

​688-D Release of Levy/Release of Property from Levy

Many of our clients call us when there is a bank levy or IRS wage garnishment in place. At this point, we have to take action quickly to enter into a tax settlement with the IRS so that we can get the IRS levy released.

​CP 14 Notice of Unpaid Taxes

A CP14 Notice of Unpaid Taxes lets you know how much in income taxes you owe and for how long you have owed the taxes.

At this point, it would be a good idea to a seek the advice of tax attorney to explore your tax resolution options if you cannot pay the back tax debt in full.

​CP 504 Notice of Intent to Levy

This IRS collection notice often gets the attention of many people who may have ignored the prior notices. The IRS is getting more serious about getting your attention and they are very close to issuing a bank levy or wage garnishment.

​1058 Final Notice of Intent to Levy

At this point, all prior IRS notices have been ignored. If you haven’t responded by now, you will have your wages garnished or your bank account levied within 45 days from receipt of this notice.

​IRS Collection Notice Help

If you need help with an IRS collection notice contact Galler Law.