How to Stop the IRS from Contacting You

Are you receiving notices from the IRS?

Do you owe federal or state taxes to the IRS?

Do you have tax returns that haven’t been filed?

Once the IRS zeroes in on you, you’re usually in store for a bumpy ride. Letters from the IRS are hard to understand and menacing. Fortunately, there are ways you can minimize and oftentimes eliminate the stress associated with resolving your tax situation.

Did you know that IRS cannot legally contact you once you hire a representative?

Instead of going to battle with the IRS yourself, use Fee Auction to enlist the help of a qualified IRS representative. Let an experienced tax professional do all the heavy lifting as they review the correspondence, diagnose the issues, and map out a resolution strategy.

When you’re represented by an Enrolled Agent, CPA or Tax Attorney, they walk you through every step of the process, explaining the situation, verifying information presented by the IRS, and preparing responses and requests for reductions, penalty abatement, or Offer-in-Compromises. You can rest assured that:

Your taxpayer rights are protected;
They will make certain the IRS follows all procedures and acts within their guidelines;
They will represent you to ensure compliance and reduce your possible exposure before federal & state tax agencies.
Whether your IRS problems require assistance with an audit or help negotiating your tax debt, they can get you back on track.