IRS calling people to collect debt


A new tactic the IRS is using to collect back taxes may cause people to think they are the target of a scam.
After years of news reports and scam alerts assuring the public that the IRS will never call you to get you to pay a tax bill- this month the IRS will begin using debt collectors to do just that.

Experts think this new development will open taxpayers up to fraud.

“People won’t know, they won’t understand,” said University of Dayton marketing professor Randy Sparks, “it’s a recipe for people to be ripped off and scammed.”

The collection agencies will only call taxpayers with old tax debts who have already received letters in the mail from the IRS and the agency, according to IRS spokesperson Patricia Russomagno.

Legitimate agency callers will not ask for credit or debit card information, payment in the form of gift cards, or threaten to arrest you, said Russomagno.

“If you know that you are current on your taxes and you get a call from someone demanding you pay an overdue federal tax bill right now on the spot-that’s a sure sign of a scam,” Russomagno said.

“They say they aren’t going to call you and now they are going to? I think that’s horrible,” said Rosie Miller of Dayton.

The IRS may also come to your door to collect a tax bill — as this women in North Carolina discovered.