How much does a Chapter 13 bankruptcy cost?

The fee paid to the United States Bankruptcy Court for filing a Chapter 13 case is presently $310.00,
Attorney Fees for Chapter 13 in Northern district of Georgia,  can vary but are normally set  around  $4000.00 for first filing although few law firms actually provide this information on website, in fact many people filing chapter 13 without being told the exact fee. The reason is , in most cases the fee is added into the client’s plan payment and not paid directly to the attorney. I prefer to be more upfront about fees, and the fact is given most cases last 60 months, that means the fee only averages about $65.00 a month, and there few legal services available for that fee. In addition all fees must be approved by the court.

In addition to the filing fees you will also have to complete Pre-Filing Bankruptcy Credit Counseling  which costs $15.00 – $25.00 and Post-filing/Pre-discharge Debtor Education, which about the same cost.

Bankruptcy attorneys are required to perform due diligence before filing a case, so normally they will run and credit and lien check prior. This can cost $35.00 to $70.00, depending on number of people filing.