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How to File an Offer in Compromise for Your Tax Bill

If you owe the IRS more in taxes than you can comfortably pay, then you may be able to negotiate an offer in compromise. An offer in compromise is pretty much what it sounds like: a compromise on your existing tax bill, meaning you agree to pay part of what you owe, and the IRS […]

How to Stop the IRS from Contacting You

Are you receiving notices from the IRS? Do you owe federal or state taxes to the IRS? Do you have tax returns that haven’t been filed? Once the IRS zeroes in on you, you’re usually in store for a bumpy ride. Letters from the IRS are hard to understand and menacing. Fortunately, there are ways […]

What Does My IRS Collection Notice Mean?

You may need help with the IRS if you received an IRS collection notice. If you owe back tax debt to the IRS, you will receive letters with “number codes” on the upper right hand side of the letter. Those “number codes are very important as each IRS collection code signifies a certain step in […]

Tax Resolution Scams

  Tax resolution firms are a misnomer.  They exact high fees from unassuming consumers and seldom resolve anything.   These firms are a relatively recent development, and they are becoming a serious problem for consumers in our country. Tax resolution scams advertise heavily, offering to settle Federal tax obligations for a fraction of the amount owed, […]