Find a Student Loan Debt Lawyer in Atlanta, GA

Find a Student Loan Debt Lawyer in Atlanta, GA

Turn to us for loan default and repayment help

The collection of federal student loans happens differently than other types of loans. The Atlanta, GA student loan attorney at Galler Law, LLC can watch out for your best interests to make sure your rights aren’t trampled over during the repayment process. We bring extensive student loan law knowledge to every case. We can help you even if your loans are in default.

We’ll perform a student loan analysis to determine the best way to repay your student loan debt. Agencies can continue to demand repayment from you for the rest of your life, and student loan debt is rarely remedied by declaring bankruptcy. Hire us today to use our student loan expertise to your advantage.

What can happen if you don’t repay your loans?

If your loan collection is transferred to the Department of Education, they can perform a number of actions to make you repay the money. The department can:

Intercept tax refunds
Offset social security income
Garnish your wages

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