Don’t Let Student Loan Debt Dominate Your Life

Don’t Let Student Loan Debt Dominate Your Life

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In today’s economic landscape, you may have had to take out a mixture of federal and private student loans to pay for your education. Now the bills are due. The professionals at Galler Law, LLC can protect your borrower’s rights while you repay your debts.

Private student loans are given by private lending institutions and are awarded based on your credit. Federal student loans are distributed by the government. No matter where your loan came from, you don’t have to let creditors push you around. Our Atlanta, GA student loan lawyer can help you understand your student loan situation and develop a plan to repay them in a timely manner. Get in touch with our office today to get started.

Gain a better understanding of your student loans

1. Stafford loans are available subsidized and unsubsidized. With subsidized Stafford loans, the government will pay the interest during deferment. If the loan is unsubsidized, interest will continue to pile up during deferment periods.
2. PLUS loans are the only federal loans that require good credit. These loans are taken out by parents for their children in undergraduate programs or graduate students.
3. The funds for Perkins loans come directly from schools. Schools can hire debt collectors to collect late Perkins loan repayments or transfer the collection responsibilities to the Department of Education.

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