Work With a Tax Resolution Attorney

Work With a Tax Resolution Attorney

In Sandy Springs, Roswell or Atlanta, Georgia

Do you have an unmanageable tax debt with the IRS?

Are you looking for an effective solution to your tax problems?

Contact Galler Law, LLC immediately. Our Georgia attorneys are experienced at using bankruptcy proceedings to alleviate delinquent tax liabilities. Many tax and financial lawyers don’t understand this complex area of state and federal law, but we do. We’ll walk you through the steps to determine whether or not you’re eligible for bankruptcy.

Most importantly, we’ll provide you with the smart solutions and wise counsel you need to rid yourself of a troubling tax burden. To start the process, we’ll help you:

  • File outstanding returns.
  • Reduce your tax balance.
  • Negotiate with the IRS.
Call 770-671-8830 to get started right away.

Respond to a tax levy in Sandy Springs, Roswell or Atlanta, GA

Has the IRS filed a tax levy against you? Reach out to Galler Law for assistance. Our Georgia bankruptcy lawyers and tax resolution counselors can answer important questions such as:

  • What is a tax levy?
  • Why is the IRS filing a tax levy against you?
  • Is it possible to appeal a federal or state tax levy?

Additionally, we’ll explain the circumstances and process in which you can put a stop to an IRS tax levy. Contact us today to learn more.

Learn the tax laws in every state

The bankruptcy and tax attorneys at Galler Law can walk you through each state’s unique tax laws and strategies. We’ll position you to reduce your tax debt or burden. We help people in the state of Georgia and beyond. Learn the laws today.

Get payroll tax help in Sandy Springs, Roswell or Atlanta, GA

Additionally, Galler Law can help you deal with your payroll tax debt. Our attorneys will provide you with guidance for your Form 941 payroll tax resolution issues. Don’t let an ongoing IRS tax liability ruin the future of your business. If you’re facing tax problems, contact our Georgia legal team. Call 770-671-8830 to start the tax resolution process.