A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney Can Help You Get Your Life Back on Track

There are many reasons individuals can find themselves in a place where they never
thought they would be. That includes facing bankruptcy. You may have had a medical
situation that wiped out your finances. A job loss with no work for a long period of time can
deplete your savings. If you get to this point, you may need Chapter 13 bankruptcylawyers to help you out.


Stopping the Calls


When you are at the point where you can no longer pay the bills, the phone starts ringing
off the hook. Bill collectors can be relentless. It can get to the point that you avoid
answering the phone. Did you know a Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney can put a stop to all
that with just a phone call?


Chapter 13 VS Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Consumers file two different types of bankruptcy claims, Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. With
Chapter 7, all the debts included in the order are dissolved. You no longer owe anything.
This impacts your credit report for 7 years. In Chapter 13, bankruptcy, all your debts are
collected. A payment schedule spanning three to five years is put into place. The court
decides the payment plan, and if you are diligent with your payments, any remaining debt
is removed when all payments are completed.

If you are looking for Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyers, Galler Law can help. We can sit with
you, and a Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney can work alongside you as we determine the
best course of action.