A Debt Settlement Attorney Can Get You Back on Track

Today unemployment has skyrocketed. The Pandemic has put many people out of work and getting behind on their bills. You may be one of those folks who have always paid their bills on time, but now the debt is piling up. You may now have creditors calling all the time, and it is discouraging. But there are options for you at Galler Law. We can assign a debt settlement attorney to help you overcome this situation.

Reducing Your Debt

The benefit of using a debt settlement lawyer is that he can negotiate on your behalf. You don’t have to deal with the collectors yourself, which typically does not go well. A debt consolidation lawyer is different, as is consumer credit counseling. In that case, all your debts are consolidated, and you pay a specific sum until they are paid off. It impacts your credit score significantly. But in this case, we work with your debtors to reduce your debt, help with interest rates and other factors.

Galler Law offers a free no-obligation consultation that allows us to sit down with you and determine your needs. If we can help you with a debt settlement attorney, and assist you in getting your life back on track, contact us today.