A Student Loan Attorney Can Assure You Know Your Rights

If you have student loans and are overburdened with paying them during this pandemic, you may need help. To fully explore your repayment options, you might want to consider a student loan lawyer.

Know Your Rights

While you do owe a debt, it is important to understand your rights. At Galler Law, LLC, we work to ensure you understand those rights. You deserve protection from harassing phone calls. Our attorneys can work on your behalf to set up a student loan repayment schedule you can afford.

How it Works

The process starts by allowing us to deal with the matter. We negotiate a repayment plan, and often, a settlement plan that can save you a good deal of money. Many times it is a percentage of the principal, and the loan is paid in full.

Keeping the Wolves from the Door

As your lawyers, we can stop the threats that often come with loan payments, such as garnishment of wages, loss of a tax refund, or loss of social security payments. We can represent you in court if litigation has been filed. We can often get things settled out of court, so you do not have to pay court costs.

Legal Representation & Hope

If your loan is in arrears or default, having a student loan attorney can make a huge difference. We can help you out of what seems like a hopeless situation. For more information, to set up a consultation, or a virtual meeting, contact us at 770-671-8830.