An Atlanta Bankruptcy Lawyer That’s Ready to Help You Stop Foreclosure

Are you looking for an Atlanta bankruptcy lawyer who can help you stop foreclosure for it happens? If so, the professionals at Galler Law are ready to assist you. Filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy does not have to be a last-ditch effort to retain your assets. In fact, in many cases, the bankruptcy filing can help you get free of debt to rebuild your credit faster than before.

How Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Halts Foreclosure

The moment you file for bankruptcy, this triggers something called an “automatic stay” on foreclosure proceedings and can grant you relief from creditors soliciting repayment from you. During this period, you can negotiate terms for liquidation of your assets or find alternative solutions during the coming weeks and months.

Until a decision has been made on your bankruptcy filing, creditors are not to solicit you for payment, nor can the foreclosure on your home commence. Unless you negotiate a payment plan or alternate solution for your debts, what you owe can then be discharged so that you can focus on rebuilding your credit and assets.

Did you know you can now get virtual counseling for your bankruptcy needs? Galler Law offers comprehensive services over Zoom calls, email telephone, and even live chat. With the current COVID-19 pandemic, court proceedings are also conducted by telephone. Our commitment to you ensures that you receive what you need for your case while ensuring your safety during this time.

If you need an Atlanta bankruptcy lawyer with a high success rate, Galler Law boasts a whopping 99% discharge rate with debts from Chapter 7 filings. Contact our team for your free consultation today by calling (770) 671-8830 or sending us an email.