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The Ultimate Guide to Atlanta, Georgia Bankruptcy

This website has all the information you need to know about filing for bankruptcy in the State of Georgia. Start by deciding which form of bankruptcy you want to learn about: Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. Then, use the table of contents to navigate the page. 

There’s a lot of detail here so please contact our law firm with any questions that come up. We’re here to help you. 

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

In Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you have to hand over all your non-exempt property to the court-appointed bankruptcy trustee to convert it into cash to pay your creditors. Both the creditors and you will meet, and about 60 days after the hearing, you will receive a debt discharge.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

In Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the court-appointed trustee sells the debtor’s assets to pay off the creditors. However, in Chapter 13 bankruptcy, there is no outright sale of debtor’s property. Instead, the debtor is allowed to set up a payment plan with the trustee to pay back debt over a period of laid downtime.