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Atlanta courthouse is also known as Fulton County Courthouse. It was established in Atlanta, the capital city of Georgia, in a historic building built between 1911 and 1914. This architectural landmark was designed by a renowned Atlanta-based architect, A Ten Eyck Brown, in consultation with ... continue reading
What is Chapter 13 Bankruptcy? One's debt has to be below $394,725 in unsecured loans (credit card, personal loans) and lesser than $1,184,200 in secured loans for successful enlistment in chapter 13. Secured loans are the ones backed by mortgages, or collateral like a house or car. Secured ... continue reading
Does the car lender have right to your personal property First thing first. Is your car repossessed with personal belongings in it ? Your personal items do not belong to the lender unless specified so in the buyer’s agreement. The repo agent should return the personal, loose ... continue reading
How to stop eviction after foreclosure is something that comes foremost to anybody’s mind, whose mortgaged property has been auctioned. Here is a general rundown on the process of foreclosure and the eviction process and what can be best done in this situation. What is Foreclosure? When ... continue reading