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If You Have Student Loans, You Need To Know About Tax Garnishments Many college graduates find that student loan debts are difficult to pay off. Many Americans with student loan debt choose to live frugally while chipping away at their massive debt. Others take advantage
Student Loan Borrowers Are Being Charged For Loans That Were Already Discharged At Galler Law, we are here to stop you from getting taken advantage of financially. Unfortunately, situations happen where people are wrongly charged for money that they don’t owe. Case in point: 30,000
Life After Bankruptcy Is Not As Bad As You Might Think Here at Galler Law, one question that we often hear from Georgia residents is, “What does life after bankruptcy look like?” Life after bankruptcy will look different for different people, as no two bankruptcy
Bankruptcy is not something to be taken lightly.  Georgia consistently has one of the highest bankruptcy rates in the nation.  The reasons are debatable, however, the seriousness of the financial status of millions of Georgians is not!  More frequent than many people realize, the bankruptcy