A Bankruptcy Chapter 7 Lawyer Can Help You Get a New Lease on Life

Georgia has one of the highest bankruptcy rates in the United States. It seems it has only gotten worse with the current economic situation. People who never imagined they could end up filing for bankruptcy find themselves with no other recourse. If this is the situation you find yourself in, you need a bankruptcy chapter … Read more

Can They Take My Possessions With a Car Repo?

When a car is repossessed, often whatever is in the car goes along with the repossession. Many people think they have no right to their own belongings. But, unless it is in the buyer’s agreement, the car lender has no right to your property. Georgia repossession laws clearly outline what can and cannot be done. … Read more

What Should I Expect from a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyer?

If debt is overwhelming you filing for bankruptcy can be a relief. Many people are confused as to how the process works. This is where Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyers come into play. They understand the process, know what forms need to be filed, and can help determine if bankruptcy is a viable option for you. … Read more