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Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in the State of Georgia is no laughing matter.  Chapter 7 bankruptcy is often termed as liquidation or straight bankruptcy because, like a clean slate, it wipes away most of an individual’s unsecured debt to include credit cards, medical bills
Due to the rapid pace of Georgia’s foreclosure process, hiring a bankruptcy law firm in a timely manner is essential to saving your home. Georgia bankruptcy attorneys can provide you with effective processes and protections.
Understand Your Rights Concerning Student Loan Debt And Bankruptcy In Atlanta, GA Atlanta, GA law firm Galler Law can help you get out of student loan debt. Student loan debt is a national problem: according to recent estimates, total student loan debt in the U.S.
Understanding What Differentiates Federal And Private Student Loans In our line of work, we see that many Georgia residents are confused about the difference between federal and private student loans. Both federal and private student loans have their own advantages and their own issues that