Can an Atlanta Bankruptcy Lawyer Help Me Keep My House?

The decision that you need to bring in an Atlanta bankruptcy lawyer and file bankruptcy is not one that anyone takes lightly. However once the decision gets bad to go forward with filing, you may be wondering if you are going to lose everything. Galler Law attorneys will work with you to help you maintain your home and vehicle whenever possible and use the existing bankruptcy laws in your favor.

When you choose to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the State of Georgia has laws that allow the filing party to keep $5,000 worth of vehicles and another $5,000 worth of personal property. There are two conditions that individuals must meet in order to keep their homes.

The first is that you must be current with your mortgage payments at the time of the bankruptcy filing and the State of Georgia permits an exemption for the equity in the property. The same laws apply for retaining your vehicle, you must be current on the loan at the time of the filing.

Everyone has a unique situation when it comes to property you own and the crushing debt situation that has you considering filing chapter 7 bankruptcy. You can make an appointment to talk to one of the legal professionals at Galler Law. We offer both in-office and virtual consultations so you do not even have to leave your home to get the peace of mind you need for knowing what your rights actually are.

Contact Galler Law at 770-671-8830 to speak to an Atlanta bankruptcy lawyer and see if chapter 7 bankruptcy is the right way for your individual situation to get your life back on track.