Can They Take My Possessions With a Car Repo?

When a car is repossessed, often whatever is in the car goes along with the repossession. Many people think they have no right to their own belongings. But, unless it is in the buyer’s agreement, the car lender has no right to your property. Georgia repossession laws clearly outline what can and cannot be done.

What Belongs to You

If you have any personal, loose possessions in your vehicle during the repossession process, the repo agent should return them. People keep all kinds of things in their cars. It might be tools, toys, tissues, and cell phone items. Important papers are often stuffed into the glove compartment.

If you have fixtures attached to the car and require a tool to remove them, these may not be considered personal items. Modified accessories that the financer can claim include things like:

  • GPS
  • Bluetooth accessories
  • Custom bumpers
  • Fog lights
  • Sunroof

Loose items should always be returned to the owner. If you end up in a repo situation, you should calmly ask for your items. If the repo agent refuses or wants to charge you, call the cops. If the vehicle is taken with your items inside, go to the garage and ask for them. If all else fails, contact a car repossession lawyer. Galler Law has experienced lawyers who can help you get your items back.