Can Bankruptcy Help Save My House?


Georgia residents faced with the possibility of home foreclosure are at wits’ end.  They have usually tried every possible solution to recover from debt to include loan modification through their bank but continue to receive the runaround. What’s worse, foreclosures are nonjudicial in the State of Georgia meaning no lawsuit or court order is required … Read more

Student Loan Debt And Bankruptcy In Atlanta, GA


Understand Your Rights Concerning Student Loan Debt And Bankruptcy In Atlanta, GA Atlanta, GA law firm Galler Law can help you get out of student loan debt. Student loan debt is a national problem: according to recent estimates, total student loan debt in the U.S. now exceeds $1.5 trillion. This means that student loan debt now … Read more

The Difference Between Federal And Private Student Loans


Understanding What Differentiates Federal And Private Student Loans In our line of work, we see that many Georgia residents are confused about the difference between federal and private student loans. Both federal and private student loans have their own advantages and their own issues that borrowers have to deal with. Understanding the difference between the … Read more