Chapter 7 asset case timeline


Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy comes in handy for those who don’t wish to turn over their property or cash to the Chapter 7 trustee, appointed by the court. If you have filed for Chapter 7, then you get to keep everything you own in what is called a ‘no-asset case’. The term ‘no-asset’ also … Read more

Bankruptcy Score : Are you at risk for filing bankruptcy ?


For general lenders, FICO scores for creditworthiness is available. But commercial lenders, look at another score before loan disbursal- the bankruptcy score. Few general public are aware of such a score. The lenders do not generally talk of such a score but provide you as it’s possible the reason for your loan or card rejection … Read more

Bankruptcy Checklist – What documents are needed to file bankruptcy


If you find bankruptcy staring right in your face, it is time to become proactive. And one of your first actions should be to contact an experienced bankruptcy lawyer in your state. A lawyer is simply indispensable in leading you through the intricate steps of bankruptcy. The first question that will arise in filing bankruptcy is … Read more