What Can a Debt Negotiation Lawyer Do?

There are three main kinds of debt that tend to get overwhelming quickly after a life change event that affects your finances such as unexpected illness or accident, dissolution of a marriage or loss of a job. All of these can take a tight budget and make it unmanageable for secured debt such as an … Read more

Debt Settlement Attorney


Benefits of a Debt Settlement Attorney There are a number of good reasons to use the services of a debt settlement attorney. First and foremost, it can give you some breathing room and stop the harassment from creditors and collection agencies. Here is what you can expect from our services: We go over your current … Read more

Federal Student Loan Settlement | 5 Reasons I Don’t Recommend It


Federal student loan settlements are something that many people seek to fall back on when they are having a hard time paying back their student loans. Many people do this as they believe it will fully take away their problem and that they will be left with no more issues at the end.  The truth about … Read more