Did You Know a Student Loan Lawyer Can Assist You With Debt Settlement Loan Types?

This past year has found individuals enduring economic hardships like never before, if student loans are part of your overwhelming debt, talk to a student loan lawyer to see what your options are.

As a student loan borrower, you have rights and Galler Law, LLC can protect you from harassment while you repay your loan or loans. Our attorneys can negotiate a fair and balanced payment plan or in some cases, a settlement to pay off the loan in full at a portion of the principal balance.

If you are on the fence about finding out about your options for student loan repayment or settlement, see if any of the following situations apply to you:

  • Are debt collectors calling regarding your student loans?
  • Have you been threatened with garnishment of your wages, social security or tax refund?
  • Has litigation been filed regarding your loans?
  • Are you currently in default but want to get out?
  • Does any discharge reason apply to your personal situation?
  • Wondering if student loans can get included in a bankruptcy?

If you answered, “Yes” to any of those questions, contact us and arrange for either an in-person consultation or ask for a virtual meeting and we will be happy to schedule a chat via Skype. It will only take 15-minutes to get a free Student Loan Analysis.

Contact Galler Law to speak to a student loan lawyer and see if this is the right way for your individual situation to get your financials back on track. We offer both in-person and virtual meetings from the comfort of your home.