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A law firm like no other.

At GallerLaw, we’re dedicated to helping people overcome the burden of their debts.

From missed mortgage or rent payments, missed motor vehicle payments, lawsuits, wage garnishment student loans, credit cards, medical bills, and personal loans, chances are you’ve probably had to manage debt at some point in your life. But what happens when you’re met with seemingly insurmountable debt? What if you find yourself having trouble making the minimum payment on your bills? What if you’re worried that you may have to tap into your investments or retirement savings? What if you’re afraid you might lose your home or vehicle or have your wages garnished. 

You are tired of endless stress, not to mention the collection calls. It is time to get help and get your life back on track. 

Bankruptcy Chapter 7 & 13 for Individuals, Married couples, and small Business 

While I have personally filed over ten thousand Bankruptcy, however, unlike most firms, we offer a wide range of debt-related services. 

Bankruptcy is the most powerful debt relief, so the firm offers Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy for individuals, married couples, and small Businesses when this the best option. 

Chapter 7 Individuals Married couples & small Business 

Liquidation, a fresh start.  Chapter 7 debtors are subject to caps on income and assets, but in most cases, our clients do not lose any property. 

Chapter 13 Married couples, & small Business

 A 60-month reorganization for consumers that do not qualify for Chapter 7 or need a repayment plan to repay missed mortgage payments missed motor vehicle payments or other secured debt. 

We have successfully assisted our clients in discharging tens of millions of dollars of debt.


The firm deals with a high level of mortgages foreclosures. While Chapter 13 is often the best solution and other cases, a mortgage Modification or combination of Chapter with Mortgage modification is better than Chapter 13. 

Debt Settlement

U.S. Congress has designated Galler Law as a debt relief organization we help people file for Bankruptcy and also provide a wide range of non-bankruptcy options. 

In some cases, Bankruptcy is not possible, or Debt settlement is simply a better option. 

GallerLaw has helped thousands of Georgians resolve their debts for a fraction of their original amount. Our experience has helped us uncover unique and incredibly useful ways to negotiate with creditors and debt collectors. 

Debt is by no means an easy thing to deal with, and we understand the fact that many people find themselves feeling ashamed or embarrassed by their struggles. At Galler Law, we pride ourselves on our compassion, understanding, and commitment to building strong relationships with our clients. Our team is composed of individuals who all share a passion for helping others. Whether in person, by video call, email or text, Galler Law is always willing to lend a helping hand.

We commonly settle debts for as low as one-third of the balance. We charge deficient upfront fees with the major of our payment based on your savings. We negotiate so this slight risk to the client.  Also, because we’re a law firm, we’re held to a higher ethical standard than traditional debt consolidation and settlement companies. So, you can rest easy knowing your personal information and debt are in good hands.

Student Loans (Federal & Private) 

Our office helps with both Federal and Private student loans. Many clients, when the first contact the firm is not even sure if they Federal or private loans, and this critical as the process for resolving problems with these loans is different depending on the type of loan. 

Galler Law can provide you with valuable information to ease the burden of your student loans. Our student loan debt-help services can provide you with a comprehensive break-down of your student loan situation, what relief options are available to you, and how you can get yourself on the right track to financial freedom.

Student Loan Debt Can Be a Massive Burden, according to the Wall Street Journal, 2015 graduates will find themselves leaving school as the most debt-burdened class in history. On average, students have racked up a little over $35,000 in student loan debt. That’s a damaging number, considering many students can find themselves struggling to find work or are unable to find helpful financial guidance post-college. To help students, we at Galler Law have developed a student loan debt help program for both Federal and Private loans that can provide insightful information to graduates overwhelmed by the burden of student loan deb

Small Business Reorganization

For a small business, we offer a complete crisis review and look for all solutions, including Chapter 7 bankruptcy.  In some cases, the Business can be restarted following Chapter 7.  Furthermore, The Small Business Reorganization Act (SBRA) went into effect on February 19, 2020, and provided some alternatives to Bankruptcy, 

Federal Tax Resolution/ Tax Bankruptcy.

National tax settlement firms seem to blanket both TV and Radio with nonstop ads. 

In many cases, these firms charge high upfront fees and provide the client with a vague idea of correctly what work the company will perform, how long it will take, and what the total cost will be. 

First, there is simply no reason to choose an outstate firm simply based on advertising. 

We highly recommend you select a local company you meet face to face. We now also video meetings as well.  We will give a detailed explanation of the options of your options and thoroughly explain how the process will work, as wells as provide regular updates.  Unlike out of state tax resolutions services, we are attorneys and IRS Enrolled agents held to a higher ethical standard. Also, unlike the national firms, we can review your case to see if you are eligible for Tax

Open Door Policy

Communication between attorney and client is essential to bringing about the best possible outcome for each case. 

When you work with GallerLaw, we will keep you informed of the status of your accounts as often as you like. You have unlimited access to the office and details of your program. So, you won’t ever have to worry about being charged for calling in and asking questions,

To provide his clients with sufficient opportunity to discuss their case with him, Mr. Galler sets aside two hours a day (usually 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM) for client telephone calls. He also provides clients with direct contact through his email and cellular telephone.

David E Galler 

Attorney and Counselor at Law

Mr. Galler is a native of Atlanta and graduated with honors from the University of Georgia with a degree in psychology and Criminal Justice in 1983 and the Georgia State University College of Law, where he received his Juris Doctor in 1986.  For the last 30 years, his law firm has represented thousands of families with debt problems, personally filing over ten thousand bankruptcy cases.

Fulton Country Daily reporter cited the Galler Law Firm for having over 99% of all Chapter 7 cases discharged.

Mr. Galler is licensed to practice in all Georgia State and Federal courts. Mr. Galler has appeared on CNN to discuss bankruptcy issues. He has been quoted in many Atlanta Georgia and National publications, including the Atlanta Journal, The Fulton Daily Reporter, and the Atlanta Business Chronicle.

He is a member of The American Bar Association, The State Bar of Georgia, The Atlanta Bar Association, National Association of The Association of American Trial Lawyers, The National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys, and Metro Atlanta Consumer Bankruptcy Group.    He serves in the Bankruptcy Law Section for the State Bar of Georgia and Atlanta Bar Association and as well as The American Bar Association.

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