Get the Foreclosure Help You Need at Galler Law

A foreclosure can be a devastating situation. If you have fallen behind on your mortgage for 90 days, the lender can foreclose. It is an extremely complicated process. There are many steps in the process on both the part of the lender and the homeowner. To navigate the system and come out on top, you need the help of a foreclosure lawyer in Atlanta, and Galler Law can help.

Handling It On Your Own Is Not a Good Idea

You might think you can handle the problem yourself. You may think to solve the problem, all you need to do is:

  • Modify your loan
  • Find your mistakes
  • Negotiate with your lender
  • Get outside help with financing

But getting the lender to cooperate with loan modification can be challenging. No financial institution wants to offer lower interest rates for a longer term if they do not have to. They almost always deny loan modification unless you have a foreclosure lawyer on your side.

Benefit of a Foreclosure Attorney

Galler Law will prevent companies from denying you loan modification while we investigate the foreclosure. We work towards a revised agreement, including the minimum, fixed interest rates, and optimum payment time.

Stopping foreclosure at the start is crucial. Our experienced foreclosure lawyers can help. If you need a bankruptcy lawyer in Atlanta, we can help with that too.