How Hiring An Attorney Is The Best Way To Deal With Your Student Loan Issues

Here is a scenario that you might find familiar. You have a huge federal student loan debt on your neck that you have not yet paid, you do not even know how you are going to get started on paying it but you are considering doing something about it. You are a Doctor or a Lawyer, and you seem to have a plan.

Well, you should know just one thing- Don’t do it! Yes, paying up your federal student loans is a no-no, nip that thought in the bud right now. You might even be considering a plan to try and get that huge amount reduced and you pay peanuts, after all, your cousin twice removed on your mother’s side did it and it worked.

The thing is that you cannot settle your loan in good standing. It takes 270 days for a student loan to go into default. You have to deliberately miss 9 months of payment, incur all the interest and late fees and also deal with all the calls and mails from your student loan servicer. Your credit score becomes a mess during this period, don’t even bother trying to buy anything major for a while after.

The point here is that settling your federal student loans creates more problems than it solves, like having to pay taxes on the canceled debt, you may not be able to invest and if you compromise, you won’t have free cash to handle emergencies. The best thing for you to do in this case is to hire a lawyer.

Why You Need An Attorney Like David Galler To Handle Your Student Loan Issues

Would you like to get a student loan debt relief? Then you need a competent student loan attorney. Hiring a lawyer to help with your federal student loan issues is an informed decision. A Lawyer will have a greater knowledge of what to do, see all the angles, and know how to fix your particular case.

Your lawyer can run the numbers and figure out which route you should take, maybe you are even a good candidate to have your loans written off totally. Your Lawyer will also make sure that you do not make a decision based solely on your emotions. There is usually a whole lot of money involved in these cases and making the wrong decision could mess with your life spectacularly, moving forward.

Finding The Best Federal Student Loan Lawyer In Atlanta

You do not have to go far to find the best Lawyer to handle your federal student loan problems.  Galler Law has more than 30 years of experience handling cases like yours. They are committed to making sure that you have a future because that is what is at stake here.

Attorney David E. Galler is your champion, he will go to war for you and get you out of your default and maybe even reduce the number of years that you have to pay. He has done it successfully many times before. To find out more information about how Attorney David Galler can help you with your student loan issues, you can book a free consultation by visiting the official website at: https://gallerlaw.com or call: 770-671-8830

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