Need Help with Bankruptcy? Hire a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney

Georgia has some of the highest bankruptcy rates in the United States. Today’s economic situation has made things even more financially difficult for many people. There are many people who are contemplating bankruptcy that would never have done so in times past. When the circumstance arises that causes the need for bankruptcy, you are going to need a Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney.

Beginning the Bankruptcy Filing Process

The first thing those considering bankruptcy should know is that it should be the last option. All options should be explored beforehand. Georgia has specific requirements as of the 2005 Bankruptcy Act. If you are planning to file, you need to agree to:

  • The Georgia Means Test
  • Credit counseling
  • Producing the needed documents to file

Credit Counseling is Required

Individuals must take part in credit counseling for six months before filing bankruptcy. They also have to agree to financial counseling to ensure the right steps are being taken.

A Professional Law Firm You Can Count On Whether you qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy or not depends on the individual’s expenses and income. If you need guidance on filing for bankruptcy in Georgia, contact Galler Law. You will work with a Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney that can assist you every step of the way.