Federal Student Loan Settlement | 5 Reasons I Don’t Recommend It


Federal student loan settlements are something that many people seek to fall back on when they are having a hard time paying back their student loans. Many people do this as they believe it will fully take away their problem and that they will be left with no more issues at the end.  The truth about … Read more

Be Informed About This Major Student Loan Scam


Galler Law Is Here To Inform You About A Major Student Loan Scam The attorneys at Galler Law would like to inform readers of a major student loan scam that is currently making the rounds in the U.S. It goes like this: scam artists charge unsuspecting student loan borrowers for student loan assistance services that … Read more

Most Student Loan Payments Suspended As A Result Of COVID-19


Find Out If You Qualify For Student Loan Debt Forbearance As a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, and the economic turmoil that it is causing, the federal government is automatically suspending payments and waiving interest on federal student loan debt for 6 months. The six-month suspension of payments and interest was enacted in April 2020 … Read more

30,000 Student Loan Borrowers Sue Regarding Bankruptcy


Student Loan Borrowers Are Being Charged For Loans That Were Already Discharged At Galler Law, we are here to stop you from getting taken advantage of financially. Unfortunately, situations happen where people are wrongly charged for money that they don’t owe. Case in point: 30,000 student loan borrowers are suing their lender, Navient (formerly Sallie … Read more