Talk to a Student Loan Lawyer and Find Out What Your Options for Repayment Are

The six-month suspension on student loan payments expires for many borrowers this month and if you are having income difficulties due to the pandemic situation, you may need to start thinking about your options for this debt and talk to a student loan lawyer.

You have rights as a borrower and the attorneys at Galler Law, LLC work on your behalf to help protect you from harassing phone calls and can assist you in setting up a repayment plan for your student loans.

The process works by turning your problem over to us and letting our attorneys negotiate a balanced and fair repayment plan, and in some cases, we can reach a settlement agreement that allows you to pay off your student loan for a percentage of the principal balance owed.

Our team can stop the debt collectors from calling and halt the threats of garnishment of your wages, social security payments, or tax refunds. If litigation has been filed regarding your student loans, we can represent your interests and ensure that you get treated fairly. In some cases, we can negotiate settlements before the court date and save you an appearance.

Having legal representation is especially crucial if you are currently in arrears or default, but want to find the light at the end of the tunnel to get out of that status, we can help you find the right plan for your unique individual situation.

Contact us and arrange for either an in-person consultation or ask for a virtual meeting and we will be happy to schedule a chat via Skype. It will only take 15-minutes to get a free Student Loan Analysis by a student loan lawyer and get your financials back on track.