My experience with the Galler law firm has been, and continues to be, phenomenal. David Galler and his staff went above and beyond the call of duty throughout my lengthy and highly complicated bankruptcy. David was always available to take my phone calls and spent extensive amounts of time with me, both in the office and over the phone, reviewing my circumstances and evaluating all of the different alternatives available to me. I am most appreciative for David having taken a personal interest in my case and the way in which he treats me as a valued and important client.

Steve C.

My experience was great. Everything went smoothly and exactly the way the process was described in the beginning. There was 1 incident that occurred, but Mr. Galler made sure it was rectified in a timely manner. I am completely satisfied and have already recommended this law firm to a friend whi has dtarted her process!

Mia T.

Very knowledgeable and efficient.

Chasity R.

Don’t waste your time with anybody else, Galler’s the BEST!!

Maddie Seaborn

This is my 3rd time using Galler Law Firm and I ALWAYS come out a winner! David seems to treat me like Family and I feel so comfortable discussing my business with him. No matter what I face, he is always willing to assist with my legal needs and when it’s not in his scope of practice he knows who to refer me to. Galler Law and Staff really ROCK!!

Vicki Williams

Mr Galler and his staff were very helpful in the entire bankruptcy process. I had no Idea how to fill out any of the paperwork or what to do, and they made so it easy. All I had to do were a couple of steps and they took care of the rest. They made a stressful experience worry free, and were always quick to respond. I have referred others to them already.

Patrick mcleod

Very professional law firm and great customer service!

D’neka Walker

Wonderful representation and people to deal with always.


Really professional but at the same time, down to earth. They made my process happen with ease. I would definitely recommend to anyone needing a lawyer!

Ashley conley

I had a very good experience visiting the Galler Law Firm. My initial contact was with Jeanne Wofford. Ms. Wofford explained everything in detail, answered all my questions, and gave me guidance. She was serious, but very caring at the same time. I was really impressed with their services, payment options, and the initial visit. — Stacey Cheatham

Lady Cranberry

David Galler is an outstanding attorney and fights for his clients every step of the way. David does what is right and does not cave under pressure! David fought for me right to the end until my case was discharged. I highly recommend David Galler!


We referred a relative of ours to Galler Law Firm this year. They were professional, thorough and handled everything that we needed them to. Every question was answered and the outcome was great. Would recommend to anyone in need.

Michael Johnson

I met with David and Jeanne last week and the week before for advice, consultation, and help and I was completely satisfied with their expertise and professionalism. They listened to my issues, brainstormed and came up with solutions I hadn’t considered and which fit my specific needs. These folks are experienced, personable, responsive, and they know their way around the BK code. Highly recommended.

Roswell Exec

Dealing with a bankruptcy is one of the most difficult, stressful, and emotional experinces that an individual can encounter. David Galler is by far one of the most compassionate, caring, and empathetic attorneys I have met. He will guide you through the process in a seamless manner and make your experience as painless as possible. You will not find a better person in this field.”

Stephen cohen

For nearly 3 years I have been trying to get a home loan modification with BOA. I’m not sure if my disdain for them is worst than IRS but it’s a close race at this point. LaChelle Paul assisted me EVERY step of the way. Although extremely frustrating at more times than necessary, we finally got a trial period modification July 2015 after filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy twice just to save the house. Oh what tangled web BOA weaved. In spite of it ALL, LaChelle wasn’t having it. She definitely knows the law along with the ins and outs of “legally” handling bankruptcy and loan modifications to benefit the client and make them whole. Hands down, I would refer my friends, family, coworkers and strangers near and far to Galler Law firm and LaChelle.”

Anita Hughes

For five long years, we’ve been fighting with Bank of America for a loan mod. I applied numerous times myself to no avail. We were never denied; just kept getting the run around. Hired an attorney who did nothing for about a year and then he stole our retainer fee. Needless to say I have trust issues. After searching for a replacement, I found Galler Law. I’m so glad I did! It’s refreshing to have an attorney/paralegal that seems to want to make a difference. It’s not all egos and fancy rugs! The process for getting a loan modification is horribly flawed and maddening. I’m most impressed with LaChelle’s knowledge and ability to make things happen. She doesn’t play their game and we are getting closer to saving our home. I highly recommend The Galler Law Firm!


this is our personal recommendation for david galler of galler law firm. we have known david now for about 10 ys. david is intelligent, polite and willing to help everyone. he always took the time to spend with us and explain the court procedures. we could not have gotten a better attorney than david. with that being said, david has a paralegal, lachelle paul. shell is an incredible caring person. we were in a state of foreclosure and shell took care of us…we could call shell at 10 pm just to talk. her favorite thing to say was we got this you are not going to lose your house. sometimes it just helps to hear this…since we were one day from foreclosure shell and david never flinched. they filed documents after documents to stop the sale of the house and it worked. it went to the last day before the sale but shell and david had this and they stopped the sale. shell has worked on a loan modification for us for over one year. shell never gave up never backed down and never quit. today I am making out bills for the month and making our third trail payment to the mortgage company. shell got our loan modification and reduced our payment of almost 300 dollars. with that being said, if you are looking for a law firm that treats you like a person than you can not find anyone better than the galler law firm… regards THE STARRS

Dwyn Starr

We are writing this letter to express our appreciation to Lachelle Paul, she has been a real source of information and help to us in following ways: We came to Lachelle of the Galler Law Firm because of our financial situation we were in and she suggested that we file chapter 13 bankruptcy, but after several months of trying to keep up the trustee payments and still struggling we decided to pull out of the chapter 13 and work with our creditors. We also tried to get a modification with the mortgage company which we had been turn down several times. But Lachelle step in again to assist us with getting the modification. She wrote a letter to congress in our behalf explaining that we had been trying work with our mortgage company to get the modification, but we’re getting nowhere. We proceeded to fill out the documents for modification again with the help of Lachelle and after waiting a couple of months for the mortgage company to respond we finally got modified. If I can offer any expression over all of this, if anybody is going through the same thing as we, I suggest you work or call Lachelle Paul of Galler Law firm she will definitely assist you, she is very experienced, and is very knowledgable in modifications. Sincerely, Mr. and Mrs. Gary and Jacqueline Pollard.


David and his staff were excellent. They were very good at explaining the process and taking the anxiety out of making decisions.


Excellent attorney. Made my bankruptcy easier than expected. Would definitely recommend him. Kept us well informed about all phases of the case.


Excellent attorney. Made my bankruptcy easier than expected. Would definitely recommend him. Kept us well informed about all phases of the case.


If you need help in any of Dave’s areas of expertise you could not go to a better attorney. His advice was on point, he addressed all my concerns and my calls and/or emails were returned in a timely matter. I would recommend him to family and friends. Connie.


I have worked with David and found him extremely talented and responsive to the need of his clients. I would highly recommend David to any person who needs his services. He stands by his clients and helps guide them through difficult times.


I have known David 4years ago,He helped me tremendously in a very complicated financial case.He was a rescue for me. Thanx DAVID.”


I had crushing debts from bad real estate investments after the 2008 crash. They had hung over me for years. My situation was very complicated with all kinds of debt, judgments, rental properties that I was trying to keep, multiple bank accounts, etc. David worked with me to sort through it all and we filed the bankruptcy and got the debt discharged. I am finally getting a fresh start after a nightmarish period since 2008. He is very knowledgeable about bankruptcy in Georgia, knows what to expect from the courts and how to get the job done. I am very happy and his fee was reasonable.


I was referred to The Galler Law Firm by a friend who had used their services a few years earlier and was completely satisfied. When I needed representation on a legal matter, I could only think of David Galler. I scheduled a consultation with him and from the minute I walked in his office, Mr. Galler and his staff were courteous and extremely helpful. When I left his office that day, I felt confident I had chosen the right law firm to represent me. Mr. Galler and his staff kept me informed through the entire process of my case until we went to court. I know that in the future, I will not hesitate to use his service or recommend The Galler Law Firm to family and friends.”


I came to Galler Law after having financial hardships. Mr. Galler and LaChelle Paul has worked with me during my bankruptcy process and made sure that I was informed during the process. They are very professional and knowledgeable on the bankruptcy laws. LaChelle also assisted me with my home modification. When I attempted to go through the bank on my own, the bank only wanted to drop my payments by less than 100 dollars. But with the help of Ms. Paul, I got my payments dropped 300 dollars; and it was done in 30 days!! Thanks again!! Galler Law is the best!!


My life I must say had not only changed for the better but I was able to actually leave my past in the past. The galler law firm is not only professional but they are family oriented from david galler himself to the paralegal who takes you in right from the beginning and never leaves uninformed or behind.To me this team is legal council at its finest. Truly all I could hope or ask for. They can help!!!! I knew I was.Beyond help..But boy was wrong. They saw what I couldn’t. Light at the end of the road. And finally now I can ! My life is moving forward clean slate and all thanks david and lachell. I’m on the next chapter!!!!! A new life. K.Blue


The Galler Firm assisted me with a very difficult time in my life…filing for bankruptcy! Mr. Galler and his team walked me through the process step by step and supported me when creditors were being difficult. I thank this firm and would recommend them FULLY for any legal need.”


I have been so very pleased with Dave Galler and his firm during my bankruptcy. At a time when there is much stress, he comes through like a champ. I trusted him completely and he lived up to that trust. I highly recommend Dave Galler and firm!


From the initial assessment and throughout the process, David made sure I was well informed and educated. Going in, I didn’t know what to expect but after working with David, the process was smooth and the experience as pleasant as bankruptcy could possibly be. I recommend David highly if you need any of the services he provides.


David Galler is a “brand” and one to be proud of. He and his staff were alwaysprofessional, detailed to the tiniest of details about my situation. I felt like a TON OF BRICKS were lifted off of me after I left his office to discuss my ordeal. Today; life is GREAT so thank you to The Galler Law Firm in its entirety for doing a fantastic job from day one to the end.


I had a great experience working with Galler Law on my case. The process was easy, and they took the stress out of the situation for me. I recommend their firm to anyone looking for a great lawyer and firm to work on their case.


First, we (Wife & I) were not sure if our case is even feasible. We had our first free consultation with David Galler to discuss our situation, which went very well. We went back a week or so later to begin the process and David took his time and analyzed every document in details. We went through the process with flexible payment and just a few short months, we were discharged. David still responds to our emails whenever we have any questions. We highly recommend The Galler Law Firm, LLC.


Attorney Galler provided me with an excellent service. He is a professional, and knowledgeable attorney who’s willing to work for you. Attorney Galler kept me inform about the evolution of my case. He is a good lawyer and if any one needs assistance call him.


After spending thousands of dollars on legal advise, and getting the wrong answers, I finally found David Galler. To say he really knows what he is doing is putting it mildly. There is nothing that beats experience. With NO knowledge of what was in store for me, Mr. Galler successfully navigated my case thru a discharge. Not all my personal issues are done, but I am confident this law firm will help me with all of them the RIGHT way. USE THEM. DO NOT HESITATE TO CALL THEM. Smc


I had a no-pressure free initial one hour consultation with Mr. David Galler at The Galler Law Firm, LLC during which time he went over everything with me including different payment options. Even though this was the first and only law firm with which I had consulted, I immediately made a decision this was the company I would do business with. My second appointment also lasted about an hour when all the paper work was filed. My third meeting was during the court processing when I appeared once for a five minute meeting. I was discharged three and one half months after filing for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. I had no idea the process could be made this easy. I recommend that you consider The Galler Law Firm, LLC for your legal needs. They will not only work with you to resolve your legal issues fast and easy but they will also provide you with a payment plan which will best suite your financial budget.


My husband and I interviewed with several law firms before interviewing with The Galler Law Firm. All the other law firms made the bankruptcy process seem difficult and more stressful. Other lawyers told us that we would have to file separate bankruptcy for our homes in Georgia and California. We explained our issues to David Galler and Richard Pettys they assured us that one filing would take care of both homes in Georgia and California. David and Richard explained the entire process in details, which put our fears and anxieties at ease. The firm provided clear direction for us to follow to expedite the process. During the process all our phone calls and emails were answered promptly. The entire process was quick and easy and it turned out much better than we expected. The whole entire process took about four months. Now that our debts have been discharged, we are relieved and grateful to the Galler Law Firm team. If you are thinking about filing for bankruptcy, don’t delay! Call David and his experienced team, today! They are the best, even when you go to court, someone will be there to walk you through the steps. You will never feel alone during the process. “We are very happy now that our debts has been discharged!” Thanks a million, David Galler, Richard Pettys and the rest of the team! Thanks a lot Richard for your humor, compassion and dedication!


David Galler and his firm are a pleasure to do business with. They are prompt, courteous and professional. Highly recommend David!


When I went to meet with the Galler Law firm they were helpful, and compassionate. They listened to me without judgment and made me feel comfortable. I am happy with my outcome and happy I went to see them… They helped me!!!


I was very anxious about filing bankruptcy, but Richard Pettys explained the entire process in detail and was able to put my fears and anxieties at ease. During the process, he led me each step of the way and answered phone calls and emails promptly, usually within the hour. To be honest, the entire process was quick and easy and turned out just as Richard Pettys said that it would. I felt that he was genuinely concerned about my situation and was honest in advising me of all of my options. He listened to what I had to say. If I had to do it all over again (thank goodness, I don’t), I would choose the Galler Law Firm. They are a great team to work with and will look out after your best interest.


Mr. Galler immediately responded to my initial email and provided the answers I needed regarding attorney and court fees. His fees are reasonable and provides an installment plan. The two previous attorneys I met with didn’t give me the assurance and confidence I needed to proceed with bankruptcy. He makes the process easy and stress free. Don’t hesitant to contact him.”


Spoke with Richard several times over the phone before dropping a cent. He was very helpful and landed my business. These guys are thorough and will help you every step of the way. Very knowledgable and caring, too. You will not be disappointed using the Galler Law Firm.”


Having gone thru a couple of “Friends” recommendations I was referred to David Galler by a different lawyer. I am so glad that I chose to work with him. David explained the complete process in “Plain English” and eased my fears. The end result feels like a new lease on life and I couldn’t have done it without David and his staff. I will be forever grateful, and will refer anyone I can to use their services. “Try it, you’ll like it


Considering Bankruptcy is a pretty humiliating prospect, but Mr. Galler and his colleagues, especially Richard Pettys, displayed a compassion and humor as well as the supreme competence that made the experience as close to painless as it could be. The firm provided clear direction and got me where I needed to go in the process. Now that my debts have been discharged, I cannot be more relieved nor grateful to the Galler Firm.”


I am a lawyer by education so when I needed a good attorney I knew what questions to ask and David and his team had all the right answers. Richard Pettys is on his game and returns calls and emails promptly. Richard even called me when I sent him an email on the weekend. I have sent two friends to the firm and they rave to me about the great service that this firm offers to all their clients. Don’t make a mistake and use another law firm–call David and his experienced team today!


The Galler Law Firm made filing bankruptcy as stress-free as possible. Richard Pettys is awesome! I appreciate his hardward and quick response. It is not a “cattle-call” law firm. The personal service is impressive.”


I had been to 2 other attorneys who felt very abrupt and impatient with the details of our situation. David Galler was Great and took time to hear us out. We also got a quick response to our concerns. Definitly recommend.


Personable service. Got to working on my case immediately. Reasonable fees.”


Considering bankruptcy is stressful, but it’s a legal right you have when debt balloons out of control and you need to start over. Contact the professionals at Debt Freedom GA and let us put your mind at ease and help you start a new financial future.