We Can Help You Avoid Foreclosure with a Mortgage Loan Modification

With the way the economic situation has been for over a year now, many people find themselves behind on their mortgage payments. You may be one of those people and fear losing your home. Galler Law is a loan modification law firm, and we can help you overcome this challenge.

Mortgage Modification – What You Need to Know

A mortgage modification loan can help prevent foreclosure on your home, and you won’t need to file for bankruptcy. While you can go through the process on your own, it is often turned down. When you have a pro like Galler Law on your side, your chances of approval soar. 

When we assist you in loan modification, we can help with bumping missed payments to the back of the line, getting your monthly payments and interest lowered, and reducing the principal loan balance. We can also get the terms of the loan lengthened, which helps with lower payments, and it will not impact your equity.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

As a tax bankruptcy lawyer, Galler Law knows there are times when using Chapter 13 bankruptcy as part of a loan modification can have its advantages. For more information on loan modification and staying out of foreclosure, give us a call at (770) 671-8830.