What an Atlanta Bankruptcy Attorney Can Do For You

There are a number of reasons someone might find themselves needing an Atlanta bankruptcy attorney. Sudden medical emergencies can wipe out your savings in the blink of an eye. Loss of a job or the breakup of a relationship can affect your finances negatively.

When the bills pile up and you are getting progressively more stressed out every time the phone rings because you think it might be yet another collection agency calling about a past due notice, you can stop their calls and force them to back off with a single contact from a bankruptcy lawyer that is representing you.

There are two main types of bankruptcy that consumers file, and not all of your debts may be included in either of them. With a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, all of your debts that get included in the order get dissolved and you no longer owe them. This filing can stay on your credit report for seven years and it may be difficult to obtain credit cards or loans during the first twelve months.

A Chapter 13 bankruptcy collects all of your debts and you pay them off over a three to five year payment schedule. If you successfully complete the payment program as decided by the court, then any remaining balances get discharged. This is considered a more creditor-friendly bankruptcy because some of the monies owed get recovered.

Contact Galler Law to speak to an Atlanta bankruptcy attorney and see if this is the right way for your individual situation to get your financials back on track. We offer both in-person and virtual meetings from the comfort of your home.